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The Medley is now accepting entries for its eighth issue! The submission window will remain open till 11th December 2022. 
For this issue, we are on the lookout for works that articulate the theme, MOSAIC.

Mosaic is a form of art that originally blossomed on the walls of ancient Greek aristocrats. This centuries-old art form uses fragments of multicolored rocks, glasses, or other seemingly scrapable materials to weave itself into an exquisite artwork. Despite its fragmentary nature, the art form comes together as a whole to depict the beauty present in the mundane.

Humanity, as an inspiration for art, also forms a mosaic of sorts. The complex and layered emotions, the multifarious expressions of identities that integrate into an individual or the cultural and social fusion formed by the diversity of people in our daily life, are transposed forms of mosaic art. From a myriad of shades, contrasting ideas, and challenging stories, an elegant whole can be formed. So, create your own literary mosaic with personalized experiences and convoluted emotions.

Non-themed submissions will also be accepted for the issue.

The guidelines below provide basic information on submissions that may be accepted. Look for per issue announcement to learn more.

General Guidelines

We wish to invite themed as well as non-themed entries for the sections of Fiction, Non-Fiction and Poetry, with any variety of style, structure, content and genre.
Photo Essays are also welcome. In general, we’re looking for work from emerging writers and poets that has unbridled originality, raw energy and doesn’t shy away from coming into its own.
We want poetry and prose that sings, fragments itself and takes flight. Give us your best, most daring pieces, exploring new terrains and new metaphors, pieces that sketch out paths and avenues in an otherwise unknown wasteland.
We’re looking for diversity, versatility and for new voices of representation from all over the globe.

PROSE: Only 1 piece at a time, 2500 words maximum.

POETRY: Up to 3 poems at a time, no length limits.

1. Prose and poetry should ideally be directly pasted in the body of the email. If your work requires special formatting, you may send it as an attachment, preferably in the form of a word document. PDF files are also acceptable.

2. All submissions have to be accompanied by a short third-person bio of no more than 100 words, along with a headshot/photograph of the submitter as an attachment.

3. The category of your work - fiction, non-fiction, poetry - has to be mentioned in the subject of the submission email. Also, state whether your submission is themed or non-themed.


4. Before you send work, please familiarize yourself with The Medley and our editorial practices by going through our older issues available on the website.

5. We allow only for previously unpublished works. You can send your entries to We are open to simultaneous submissions (so long as you classify them as such and immediately let us know if they’re accepted elsewhere).

6. Please submit no more than once per category per reading period. To put it simply, you can submit up to three poems, one fiction piece and/or one non-fiction for any particular issue when the submission window is open. Additional submissions will be ignored.

7. If your work has been featured in The Medley in the past, please wait at least half a year, or one issue, from the date of your publication before submitting again.

8. The Medley requires First Serial Rights and all archival rights. All rights revert back to the author upon publication.

9. If your work appears elsewhere in print or online, please give due credit to The Medley as the place where your work first appeared.

10. For any queries, you can email us at We try to respond to submissions within 4-8 weeks of receiving them. If you do not hear from us till then, you can drop us an email at the above-mentioned address.

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