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Bhavya Tiwari


Bhavya is an Economics Major from Hansraj College, Delhi University. She leads a simple life, complicated only by her overactive, wandering mind. Her somewhat reserved exterior does a good job of hiding her goofy alter ego, who's but a 2-year-old refusing to age. In some ways, she's leading a double life—one spent arduously struggling to find success in the most traditional sense of the word—and the other—that of a poet, reader, over-thinker—hell-bent on scrutinising and dissecting the tiniest little things and finding meaning and beauty in the strangest places.

Saman Jawaid Hansraj College Delhi University The Medley Staff supervisor.jpg

Saman Jawaid

Staff Supervisor

Saman is a second-year English major at Hansraj College, University of Delhi. Saman, like other English majors, enjoys reading, writing, and finding homoerotic undertones in all academic texts. They refuse to be defined by anything else than Lorde's lyrics. 
Winter afternoons, coming-of-age films, garlic bread, Emily Dickinson's poetry, and self-deprecating humour are among Saman's favourite things. With an attention span reduced to the length of a tik-tok, Saman is continuously attempting to overcome their dread of books with more than 400 pages.

Charvi Batnagar Hansraj College Delhi University The Medley Poetry Editor.jpeg

Charvi Bhatnagar

Prose Editor

Charvi, a literature major, will make it very obvious for you to know that she's a literature major. She tries to hide behind the cool, exterior smooth-talker, bangs-on-forehead game, but really she's a hardcore nerd. Geeking over books, museums, word docs, Pinterest, excel sheets, and lectures is her favourite thing to do - that much that she never really has anything else to add in a conversation. If you do happen to befriend her, she'll leave you a string of voice notes emphasizing her love of attending classes. Fictionalising her daily rituals of reality and creating muses out of her loved ones is her coping mechanism that fuels her perceptions of art. Other than that, you can find her bathing in the sunlight on a Sunday cracking one-liners that will never land. Charvi, the hair accessories enthusiast, strives to be the art on a roadside stall that one stares at a little bit longer to find all the world.

Saurav_Maan_Hansraj College Delhi University The Medley .jpg

Saurav Maan

Poetry Editor

An organism made up of atoms entailing excitement and confusion, Saurav is constantly in a dilemma between waging a war with the confines of his room and finding himself not ready to leave the feeling. The picture above was clicked on the terrace of his home, a place where he has spent his entire life, and is currently attending college from. Just like any other human, his life traverses between the significant and insignificant, except he can't figure out what is which. Sometimes cooking up food or words are his main concerns, other times the violin gets a short burst of importance. Suffering from this indecisiveness, there's a good chance he still might be pondering over the facts written here and whether something else warranted a prioritised inclusion.

Lakshyaa_Anand Hansraj College Delhi University The Medley Poetry Reader.jpg

Lakshyaa Anand

Poetry Reader

Lakshyaa is an undergraduate student pursuing anthropology at Hansraj College, University of Delhi. She's an avid reader with a voracious appetite for suspense and drama. Dan Brown and Jeffrey Archer are among her favorites. Although, she admits that she has a soft spot for Khaled Hosseini and has shamelessly sobbed to his words. A hodophile by nature and a nomad by spirit, she soundly believes that 'home' is where the heart sings the loudest.

Sitara Sigi Hansraj College Delhi University The Medley Poetry Reader.jpeg

Sitara Sigi

Poetry Reader

Sitara is a first-year History student at Hansraj College, University of Delhi. Born in Delhi, she spends her time either buried deep in libraries or trying to explore the city’s jovial streets and bright lights. She grew up with classic literature and draws all her survival assurances from classic poets. An avid music listener and a reminiscer of long lost conversations, she is on a constant move to discover the stories hidden in each song, each smile, and each breeze of air.

Swastik Sawhney Hansraj College Delhi University The Medley Prose Reader

Swastik Sawhney

Prose Reader

Swastik Sawhney is a first-year English Literature student at Hansraj College. His artistic thirst led him to the cascade of words. He decorates his sky with creative pieces of prose, poetry, and all that jazz. Social welfare and happy old couples make his eyes shine. When he's not patiently listening to his friends' rant, he is humming the tunes of Jagjit Singh's Ghazals or binge-watching intense noir web series. He is a lump of complicated and expressive emotions who loves morning tea, night skies, and the myriad shades of happiness.

Ragini Sharma English hons Hansraj College Delhi University The Medley Ostraca.jpg

 Ragini Sharma

Prose Reader

Ragini is currently pursuing BA English (Hons.) at Hansraj College, Delhi University. She is a free soul who dwells more in the world of stories than the earth. Imagination is her solace, and she loves to find inspiration and beauty in everything. Beats of music drive her day. She is passionate about everything, from little poems she wrote to discussions on Pride and Prejudice. 
A people’s person, she loves interacting. 
Her heart though? Still stuck between some alphabets, between pages with a rose as a bookmark.

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