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Weepy Movie


John Grey

I must admit that,

at the end of the movie,

my eyes moistened

behind my glasses.

I didn’t want my wife to see.

So I surreptitiously

made out to scratch my chin

while, at the same time,

nudged my fingers a little higher

so that they wiped away

as much of the tears as they could.

I risked a glimpse in her direction

and figured her eyes must

have been watching a different film

because they were as dry

as the Kalahari.

She said she saw the film

as manipulative.

But, then again, I love poetry.

I appreciate a good manipulation.

John Grey is an Australian poet, US resident, recently published in Sheepshead Review, Stand, Poetry Salzburg Review and Hollins Critic. Latest books, “Leaves On Pages” “Memory Outside The Head” and “Guest Of Myself” are available through Amazon. Work upcoming in Ellipsis, Blueline and International Poetry Review.

John Grey
John Grey
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