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We slipped into each other's hearts


Surbhi Dadhich

When in September sunshine

The yellowing leaves mounded over our memories

Under the beautifully painted tree

It made a noisy rustling

Humming sweet talks

When the world was still a magnificent dream . . .

Under the blanket shade of date palms

Rosy sunshine rained on us back and forth

The seeds fell in harmony

The world was not yet awake

At the lustrous dawn

We slipped into each other's hearts . . .

I close my teary eyes leading to a vaulted tree

That world was a debilitating dream

The yellowed leaves and fallen seeds laid bare

As someone crushed the two ants parting way

The tear trickled down my cheek . . .

Going back and forth with the twists and turns of life, Surbhi can be seen taking refuge in the stories of the people and attempting to shift perspective through their lens. On days, she would just be a lone wolf in the corner playing with the lyrics of Taylor Swift's songs. On other days, she hangs around with immense excitement and daredevilry at its fullest.

Surbhi Dadhich
Surbhi Dadhich
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