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My winter comes


Aaryaka Nidhi

My winter comes

in folds of skin,

embracing sins,

in stormy skies,

and grays of eyes,

in a blurred, hazy

face, through a

frosted, misted pane,

in cackling, flickering

flames and hushed,

silent names, in

parched, cracked lips

against burnt finger tips,

in low, dreamy sighs

over cold, frozen ties,

in slow, swaying toes

on crusted, crisp snow,

in warm, dewy traces

within whispering,

closed spaces, in

‘twined, tangled

shapes amidst hidden,

veiled escapes, in

snug, singing smiles

across forgotten,

forlorn aisles.

Aaryaka Nidhi is a third year literature student at Hansraj College. In her writing, she paints cities within indistinct boundaries, spilling colours that mix and match, curling up in places that make them look like they belong there. Otherwise, she is generally busy spending time with and singing songs to her favourite dogs in college. She also believes that a can of Coke and a packet of blue Lays are the things that will eventually help us attain world peace.

Author, Poet, Writer, American, Indian Australian writers
Aaryaka Nidhi
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