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Ishita Gautam

I went as far as ships could take,

To find the heart of sea

And I came back with half a heart,

To the sea inside of me.

It roared. I soared on Memory’s wing,

To the day the cold wind blew,

As I, this old enraptured thing,

Soaked in sorrows new.

The golden sand once bought me shells,

And in the autumn, oysters tell

'Gold were leaves, but golden still

Were days in Calcium’s rounded frills.’

Gone were days of moon-beamed baths,

Of sand on lands of mine,

I stood lone and watched aghast,

The comet that was Time.

I still could skim and I could sail,

Let choppy waters be,

As long as dreams could drown me

And slumber be my sea.

Ishita Gautam is a student of Literature at the University of Delhi. She likes to dabble in writing and to work for ecological causes.

Author, Poet, Writer, American, Indian Australian writers
Ishita Gautam
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