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We Three


GTimothy Gordon

Before each new dawn,

each new season, I reenter

our world, plain, staid,

grainy, inchoate earth

browning nightly

like our old bard’s

foxed text,

ever heart-sealed

in each desert night’s

mystical moist night-air,

perfect, patient stars.

'Dream Wind' was published 2020 (Spirit-of-the-Ram P), 'Ground of This Blue Earth' (Mellen), while 'Everything Speaking Chinese' was awarded Riverstone P Prize (AZ). Work appears in AGNI, American Literary R, Cincinnati P, Mississippi R, New York Q, Phoebe, RHINO, Texas Observer, among others. Recognitions include several Pushcart nominations. EMPTY HEAVEN/EMPTY EARTH, will be published November-December 2022.


Gordon divides lives between Southeast Asia and the Southwest Sonoran Desert Organ Mountains.

GTimothy Gordon
GTimothy Gordon
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