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Adrienne Stevenson

surrounded by lesser blooms

the tulip shows off its stripes

product of genetic defect

compounded by disease

conferring extreme value on its bulbs

those lesser blooms, sturdier

than hothouse flowers

may be inferior in monetary worth

but have sufficient brightness

to cast shadows on the elite blossom

heading the pack, a lone carnation

mimics the colours of the tulip

usurps its prime position, even now

the droop begins in petal and leaf

until still life becomes variegated death

Adrienne Stevenson (she/her) lives in Ottawa, Ontario. A retired forensic scientist and Pushcart-nominated poet, she writes in many genres. Her poetry has appeared in more than forty print and online journals and anthologies in Canada, the USA, the UK, and Australia. When not writing, Adrienne tends a large garden, reads voraciously, and procrastinates playing several musical instruments.

Adrienne Stevenson
Adrienne Stevenson
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