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Leaving Marks


Philip Wexler

Antelope, hunters –

            ancient cave wall

drawings of charcoal,

            red and green ochre.


Pyramids, great walls,

            cathedrals, castles,

backyard sheds

            and arbors.


Plantings, sprouts, orchids,


vegetable gardens,

            giant sequoias.


Carefully crafted words,

            handed down

on paper, digitally, told,



Songs of minstrels, choirs,

            street performers,

operas, recorded, played

            back, improvised.


Piecing together

            mosaics, quilts.

Threading embroidery,



Kiss joined to kiss.

            Ring slid on finger.

Celebrations and photos

            from every angle.


Memories remembered,

            restored.  Stories

told, retold.  The need

            not to be forgotten.

Author, Poet, Writer, American, Indian Australian writers
Philip Wexler
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