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An Apology for Living


John Grey

I apologize for all that I disturb

when I'm out walking.

Sorry, flock of starlings.

for interrupting your feast.

I regret, young German Shepherd,

that my presence set you off barking.

I’m a most repentant man

when it comes to the grass I trample,

the flowers I brush aside,

the sidewalk cement that

takes the full weight of me

and the glass storefront

that must endure a wretched, forlorn breath.

And people, don't get me started on people.

All of my remorse goes out to

the strangers who must step aside,

disrupt their pleasant thoughts

for a moment or two

of pavement traffic cop.

And, worse still, is when I come across

someone I know.

Add the time for acknowledgement,

for talk, worse still, for later arrangements,

to the great act of contrition:

me being in their life.

Would you believe some even love me.

They even love the poor example I set.

Author, Poet, Writer, American, Indian Australian writers
John Grey
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