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Mission Statement

The Medley is an online literary journal, published in India and focused on building a creative space for new and emerging writers, both nationally and internationally. We welcome narratives from writers and poets of all walks of life, work that is acutely personal and emboldened by its universality. We’re looking for work that has unbridled originality, raw energy and doesn’t shy away from coming into its own. We want poetry and prose that sings, fragments itself and takes flight. Our goal is to look for and publish work that is daring, meandering the space between the unsaid and unwritten.


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Ostraca, the Creative Writing Society of Hansraj College has become one of the most integral collegiate societies in the National Capital Region since its inception almost four years ago. Over the span of four years, Ostraca has successfully organized events that help students and mentors of variant backgrounds get in touch with one another.

Building able creative writers with a fine sense of articulation, Ostraca has also been conducting its Annual Fest, Gutenberg every year with elaborate speaker sessions as well as engaging competitions. Besides, Ostraca has relentlessly provided a platform for the perpetuation of Writing, not just as an art form, but as a way of life. It has hence come to symbolize a forum of discussion, art and free thinking.

With the mission to propagate the ideas, opinions, and creations of the students of Hansraj in areas such as literature, economics, art, culture, sciences, history, poetry, and politics, Ostraca’s batch of 2017 decided to launch an online collaborative journal encompassing the various categories under fiction and nonfiction genres.

With the help of their seniors’ vision and vital contribution, the batch of 2018 organised a formal structure for the journal and reflecting on the purpose behind it, named the journal ‘The Medley’. Building on the designs of the previous batches, we bring to you Ostraca’s online journal, The Medley, which incorporates a plethora of subjects and seeks to establish an effective flow of thoughts and ideas between our writers and readers. 

In 2021, we shifted from our previous website,, to our current website,

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